Thai Cinema Uncensored

Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt is the author of Thai Cinema Uncensored.

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Thai Cinema Uncensored

Thai Cinema Uncensored is the first full-length study of Thai film censorship. Informed by access to rare and controversial films, the author provides a history of film censorship in Thailand from its beginnings when films were censored by the police for ideological reasons, to the present when issues such as politics, religion and sex are the main reasons for Thai films being banned... The book also examines how Thai filmmakers approach culturally sensitive subjects, and how their films have been censored as a result. It contains interviews with ten leading directors, including candid and extended conversations with Thai New Wave veterans Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Pen-ek Ratanaruang.”
The Big Chilli

“Matthew Hunt traces the history of film censorship in Thailand from the first movie shot in the country in 1923 to the conflicts of the present day. The study is thoroughly researched, clearly organised and very readable... Matthew Hunt has written a dispassionate and fascinating book which has relevance for film, contemporary culture and politics in general.”
Bangkok Post

“Hunt describes influential political events that have occurred in Thai history and then examines how filmmakers have explored these topics in their work. The history lesson on Thai politics provides a crucial background to the films discussed... it is a work of resistance against the censors. It describes in detail the struggle of filmmakers to work around inconsistent censorship rules. Matthew Hunt writes with a sense of urgency to legitimize these films and work towards a future where Thai filmmakers make the films they want without having to worry if people will be able to watch them. Readers will come away with a deeper understanding of Thai films and the history that has shaped them.”
International Examiner

“This is a great read not just for those interested in film, but for anyone trying to understand the nexus between culture and politics in Thailand in recent times.”
Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia

“Thais and Thailand watchers will recognise the bigger story, an all-too-common narrative arc streaked with moments of fear, absurdity and humour, in Hunt’s lingering closeups on the mangled, hidden wreckage of film censorship.”
Art Review

“Matthew Hunt’s Thai Cinema Uncensored documents the laughter, the ridiculousness, and the fear behind our fragile façade. I hope that in the near future, this fascinating record will read more like fiction, a horror tinged with comedy, to our young filmmakers.”
— Apichatpong Weerasethakul

(‘it provides a complete picture of the questioning of contemporary politics through film’)
— The 101 World

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